First and foremost, let me say, I HATE TEXAS.  I did not think that I would feel this way before I moved here, but well hey, I do.  I absolutely HATE Texas.  I mean this place is hot.  It’s dry.  It’s racist.  The cops are profilers.  The people are con artist.  This is just an awful place.  I will be updating more about how much I utterly depise this place…so FULL of colleges, so empty of college graduates. – I HATE TEXAS!

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  2. Marcus Says:

    sounds like u need to move to another state dude
    I’ve got a friend in Texas maybe u two can link up

    Stay strong

  3. TLCS Says:

    Reasons to hate Texas:
    The weather (hot, sunny, hot, hail, hot, wet, hot, sunny, hot, humid, hot)
    The bugs (if it bites or stings, it lives here)
    The pollen (all kinds, all year)
    The highways (obviously designed by a drunk with a marker)
    The drivers (honestly, learn to use a turn signal and try a little courtesy)
    The food (why is there gravy or barbeque sauce on everything?)
    The politics (no, no one else thinks G.W.Bush was a genius)
    The schools (substandard educations, a “Texas pledge” and moment of silence every day!)
    The death penalty (and how often its carried out)
    The rednecks (why can’t they tolerate diversity?)
    The oversized vehicles (totally unnecssary)
    The water (barely potable)
    The religious zealots (megachurches!)

    Reasons to like Texas:
    Housing prices (really, really low)
    The occasional really nice person (and some Texans are the nicest people on earth)

  4. Gory Says:

    I think only biggots and abnormals belong in TEXAS

  5. Gory Says:

    I dream of the day when TEXAS becomes a country, it is extrmely expensive to subsidized this flat wasteland.

    • Ybvuk Says:

      Haha u think Texas is expensive? We have one of the best housing rates and economies in the us and the most jobs

  6. Bush Says:

    Texas is not bad

    What I hate of Texas and the USA is the Republicans

    Who the Fuck told these Republicans that they are the Shit

    Were Republicans dominate, You have corruption and corruptive dictatorship

    I remember when that fucking bitch dictator Sarah Palin ( the whore of Alaska) said ” I am a governor of a state that could fit in Ten million Delaware.

    Who the FUCK cares.

    And with that commie dictator Gilchrist ( the old gizzard) and the Minuteman saying the Mexicans are going to Destroy the USA

    Will look at Texas and Tennessee, Both states are contaminated by Republicans and yet these states want to leave the union because of these Republicans.


    Texas ain’t leaving or Tennessee just because of these Fucking Republicans that are afraid that these States will go to the Democratic.



    MY fellow Americans, It is time to bring Armageddon to these Republican politicians and to the Minuteman an organization created by Republicans.

    All of the bad things that go on in Texas and Tennessee is due because of these Fashionist Republicans ( or Nazi’s)


    If I do leave the USA, That will not stop me from exposing exactly how corruptive these Republicans are to its own citizens

    These Fucktarts are trying to have each state in the USA become its own nation like some kind of European nation (U. K, Germany France and so on an so for).

    Also these Fucking Republicans are the reasons why Americans are referred to as Red neck to other nation


    It is time to bring Armageddon (thee end) to these Republicans as soon as possible

    • Steven Cuddihee Says:

      you provided no support to why republicans are bad (except fuck them) and corruption was never supported either

  7. chris rogers Says:

    There are so many reasons to hate Texas – where to begin?

    Its social policies – like the regressive sales tax, rather than an income tax; farming out the mentally handicapped to work at Henry’s Turkey Service; dropping off a woman newly released from a mental institution at a bus station (she died). I could go on and on.

    But . . . on a less lofty note, the “cuisine” here is revolting. The 4 food groups are fat, fat, fat, and fat. Chicken fried steak, that disgusting white gravy also on biscuits. If it’s not smothered in white gravy, then buckets of queso have been poured over it. And the side dish is your choice of french fries or onion rings.

  8. Nick Says:

    Reasons to hate Tennessee
    tacos, buritos
    white ranchers
    hill billies

  9. Richard Says:

    Texas is such a miserable State.

    I left Texas about 1 month ago and all I saw is just plain empty flat land.

    I remember passing by San Angelo Texas, if you are from a state like New York, Illinois or California, you would expect for San Angelo Texas to be a nice big civilize city. but all I saw was just plain empty land with hickorish rednecks residential’s living in that community or whatever you call in that miserable place. For me, just hearing the word Texas depresses me. Once you leave Texas, You might have that effect on hearing the word Texas, so damn depressing the word Texas. If you visit their big major cities like Houston or Dallas, Those cities aren’t civilized and the people in those Texas major cities like to locked themselves up. The people in Texas are not friendly to socialize with or to live with. These Texans are full of BS and lies. The Sate is full of insects and hills which they are not really mountains as what these Texans refer them as, they are just plain rocky hills..

    Texas is such a miserable place to live. Why people move to Texas is because of the houses. The price is cheap but Texas is miserable. Too much rednecks live in that State (Texas) and the people of course are so patriotic and full of pride in that miserable land. The people in there are bad at services and its hard to understand what exactly they are saying. They use words like “Yall” allot and “Gett-e-up Cowboys”,

    You go to A&M (Agriculture And Mechanics) and all you find is allot of white farmers and country boys. It would be nice building a huge brick wall all around Texas so we don’t have to look at that miserable state. I would buy that. You know when you are in Texas when you see the Texas flag raised at the same level as the American Flag.

    I hate Texas

    • mwill140 Says:

      I absolutely agree. Just the word “texas” depresses me. I actually hesitate when I tell people I’m from California because they have this backwards redneck opposition to anywhere else, but especially California.

      I can’t wait to leave. My girlfriend and I agreed we’d give it one more year.

    • Britt Says:

      “Too much rednecks live there”…hmm you sound like you’s smart!

  10. TheRecord Says:

    1. Texans. Socially retarded acts of bravado. Lack of self awareness. Isolationistic in thought. Kind of like someone who was raised under a rock, but the rock was big, so they boast about how big the rock was. There’s more, but, man, it’s so sad – and they don’t even know it!

    2. Texas politics. I am a conservative who votes republican. Texans are rednecks who vote republican. should I buy an “I’m with stupid” T-shirt?

    3. Tx is a Mexican border state. Complete with roads traveled by drug cartels feeding the increasing violent crime rate, drug use, and ever expanding prison population in Tx. That isn’t nice and I don’t have this problem in my state.

    4. Is EVERYONE in Tx chewing tobacco??

    5. Leading state for hate groups. There are more known hate groups in tx then any other state. They all hate different groups for different reasons. When you get right down to it, no one is safe in tx – not even texans. Testament to tx long tradition of nice, down to earth, clan members and level-headed cult fanatics.

    6. There are Two seasons in Tx, hot and hotter. There is a third if you count the hurricane season. A fourth if you count squirrel season.

    7. Texas’ branding of Tex-mex. Uh, we all know it’s just Mexican. Maybe Kansas should capitalize on Cantonese food and call it Kan-Can. It’s catchier, and doesn’t sound like a gas station when you say it.

    8. Over industrialization of undesirable industries. Yes, when you visit tx, you get the full impact of what a cesspool they’ve made out of their state with factories, oil refineries, and chemical plants. Don’t get me wrong, it is good somebody is manufacturing this stuff out there, but, man, you’ve got to be six flags short of a theme park to live amongst the stench-filled, chemical run-off, heat-fest that is tx.

    9. Texas as a state ranks in the top 5 of all states for all major pollutants. Go figure. The EPA says you can’t breathe the air for fear of carcinogens, can’t drink the water for fear of toxins, can’t eat the seafood for fear of mercury poisoning, and the Taiwanese plants spill high levels of run-off into the neighborhoods. That isn’t good either!

    10. “Clampet” stereotypes which aren’t all together untrue. I’ve never seen any other collective bunch unwittingly living up to negative stereotypes. Perhaps some t-shirts can be air dropped to them. You know, t-shirts that say something like, “thank god i struck oil, cuz my double-wide needs a fixin”

    11. Texan’s general confusion between pride and reason. there is a healthy pride, and then there is a texan pride. actually, a texan is proud of his state like a branch davidian is proud of his cool-aid.

    12. “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”. Why would I need to mess with Texas when it’s already messed up? What’s wrong with the old standby: Yeeeeeeehaw!!!!..and other inane slogans that demonstrate an inability to articulate one’s self.

    13. Corrupt institutions of business. Enron was a great. But, no one can beat the oil companies for blood money, environmental destruction, greed, and corruption. a texan would tell you that corruption only exists in zip codes outside their magical state. is this true?

    14. Cults and fundamentalists. Kind of self explanatory. Apparently, tx is the perfect place for those who like to organize and be merry while preying on kids. Gotta love tx.

    15. Backwards thinking. State first? Country second, or is there something between state and country like, i don’t know, socks or peanut butter? You gotta love state first mentality. If the country is attacked, would tx try to side with mexico just to save their own state? Kind of like, if the house was burning, you’d only save your favorite bathroom. Lots of reasoning there. wait a minute! i’m going to start a new one. it’s called home owners association first! Hey tx, do you shoot people in the back too? Buncha anti-american secessionist quitters! just kidding, only 20% of you are the American Taliban.

    16. Worst humidity and dew point. Yes it is true. Houston/bay area is tied with annual averages for the worst humidity and dew point in the united states per NOAA. In a nutshell, it’s like a sauna. a constant sauna for 7 months out of the year. so is hell.

    17. Hurricanes. you got it. more of my tax dollars go to natural disasters like hurricanes in tx. nothing like every hurricane season fearing the wrath of god upon your family and home.

    18. Tornadoes. this must have to do with the fact that tx leads the nation in the amount of trailor homes as a percentage of all homes. the good thing is, tx is flat and has nothing around for 100’s of miles. so, not many people should get hurt except those who ask for it. you know, texans.

    19. Trailer trash. “T” stands for trailor trash, tornadoes, truck stops, terrible, tacky, terrorist, taliban, travesty, and one more…uh…dang, i forgot.

    20. Prison over population. tx just can’t kill ’em fast enough.

    21. Gun rights. Hey look, texans need their guns because the state is unwilling foot the bill for adequate policing and safety like other states. state first! citizen last!

    22. Highest unwanted teen pregnancies. According to a Houston paper, they like to do more than play with barbies down in tx. Apparently they like to get pregnant and be a mom at age 12 too.

    23. Poorly educated. STILL poorly educated compared to other states. when are the oil guys going to pay for schools.

    24. Lack of affluence. This is something oil money cannot buy. you can be rich, but you can’t find Oklahoma on a map.

    25. Cities annex neighboring towns just to boast on size. truly texas. guess what, everyone can see thru this. when your metro area is a 10th the size of other metro areas, you kind of get the idea your just being typical tx.

    26. Highest accident rate of any state. Listen, you have to drive 2 hours to get to what places the rest of us can get to in 30 minutes. I would drive fast and not care about my life too if I lived in texas. of course, the accident rate also includes factory explosions, etc.

    27. Texas consumes more energy than what is produced by the state in terms of gross product per the dept of energy. texas is an energy empire. unfortunately, their bragging is unsubstantiated when they claim the power the world.

    28. highest in-sourcer (more people working for foreign firms – helping make $ in foreign investments). guess what, more citizens in tx by percentage aren’t contributing a dime to u.s. investment.

    29. High cancer rate. of course. you don’t roil your state with anything goes industry without paying for it do you?

    30. High obesity rate – must be the dependence on mexican food, bbq. That’s Mexian food, you know, it’s what makes tx so exotic.

    31. Rated one of the ‘least livable’ of all states in 2008. It’s just an article. but it was nice.

    32. Floods. It is wonderful how tx is famous for its natural disasters. Stevie Ray Vaughn sang about it. He’s a texan, i like Stevie ray Vaughn, and if i lived in texas I’d sing the blues too. he’s just telling it like it is.

    33. Lack of water to most of the state, high cost of water. Are you kidding? you can’t drink oil?

    34. Toxic levels of mercury in fishing off texas shore. Already covered. I like eating thermometers. maybe i should move to tx.

    35. No mountains. Tx is beautiful with flat dusty fields of dry dirt for 100’s of miles until you get to some hills with nice folks with guns. tx. great place to drive thru on your way to somewhere else.

    36. Beaches are contaminated. Galveston is called a resort town. compared to my state, galveston is a cesspool with an oil platform right on the beach while you swim among signs that warn you about hepatitis.

    37. 4 out of the 10 fattest cities in America just happen to reside in Texas. Now, we all know that Texas toast is so dang tasty, but slather on some bbq sauce and top it off with a block of lard and you got you there an o’fficial Tx-sized snack for the kids!

    38. Pronounced pride and prejudice. back on the pride kick. can’t have pride without prejudiced. oh wait, i can.

    39. Nice people – to your face. The rest is some kind of judgment call made on their own arcane beliefs.

    40. American history, or lack there of. First Tx wanted nothing more than to be annexed by the U.S., once it was ratified in, then it wanted out, then it barely contributed to the confederate forces in the civil war! Is Tx acting like a bipolar adolescent who just found out he was adopted, or just too hopped up on peyote?

    41. Nasty critters. Fire ants, Africanized bees, scorpions, ross perot, etc.

    42. Texas flag. Ok, now, what flag does the Tx flag look like if you stare at it a long time (.01 seconds)? Give you a hint: It was designed nearly 70 years before U.S. citizens declared Tx sovereign! Where is the originality? Did Texans burn up all their creativity when they coined “Tex-Mex”?

    43. The rankings among the states: Percentage of Uninsured Children-50th, Percentage of Population without Health Insurance-50th, Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Scores-47th, Percentage of Non-Elderly Women with Health Insurance-50th, Rate of Women Aged 40+ Who Receive Mammograms-44th, Rate of Women Aged 18+ Who Receive Pap Smears-47th, Cervical Cancer Rate-5th in the nation, Women’s Voter Registration-43rd, Women’s Voter Turnout-49th. texas, please change your name to New Iran.

    44. Lost perspective of their country. I guess if your trapped in an abyss, you lose all hope that there is more out there.

    45. Texas tea smells like wafting B.O., a sulfur pit, and a manure farm. oh wait, tx oil towns are right next to sulfer pits which are right next to ranches. that leave’s B.O., which is the illegal immigrant day laborer who has to work illegally at all these places in order to make ends meet.

    46. BIG Hair. This is what they mean when they say everything is bigger in Tx.

    47. dallas cowboys. greatest NFL expansion team to ever bandwagon on (if your in to that kind of thing)..even though they haven’t been to a superbowl in 15 years.

    48. Propaganda. texans love to embellish the truth and distort the facts in attempts to sell their state to us. must be easier for them than having to do any of that pesky research or providing boring factual substantiation. Once they realize we know better, they tend to get louder and more aggressive – kind of like a silverback gorilla when threatened by poachers.

    49. Income Inequality Between the Rich and the Poor- Sate ranking: 49th. Hmmm, 13 billionaires and 15 million low income earners. We’ve come a long way as Americans…except for tx who is just now building pyramids for their oil pharaohs.

    50. Sports are competitive. That’s why academics aren’t. Luckily they’re close to country where they can get cheap anabolic steroids and other enhancement drugs you cant buy in the u.s.

    51. Highest percentage of uninsured. who needs health insurance in texas? i mean, everyone’s got a gun and everyone’s got a shed. when texans get the swine flu, they just take ’em out behind the shed and, well you know the rest. that way, they can save face from having to accept H1N1 vaccines from those damn liberal states!

    52. texans will write their OWN textbooks. damn liberal evolutionist scientists!!! when are they going to learn we used to live 990 years and all them fossils were put their by, uh, …. John F. Kennedy!!!!

    53. Clueless about tx statehood. texas was brought into the U.S. via treaty like a texan practices humility and grace in efforts to coexist with others.

    54. texas ranks 44th in Percentage of Eligible Voters that Vote. if i had to drive 2 hours through flood waters and hail just to get to the voting booth i’d probably miss out too. no matter, as a texan, you can stay home and lazily blog about secession instead of actually contributing to the fanatic libertarian, Mexican labor party, or some other inane party scrawled onto a tx voter’s ballot.

    55. Percentage of Population over 25 with a High School diploma-50th. If I went to tx, i’d already be ahead of 21% of the population when it comes to getting a crap-ass job. well, i guess every society needs ditch diggers and fast food workers.

    • marieb Says:

      The best list about this topic I’ve ever heard!!!!
      Unfortunately I live in damn texas and I HATE IT!!!
      Now I’m saving every penny to get out of here asap!!!
      I have been in many states and places in the world and I can say texas and texans are the most despicable thin on earth!!!! The energy here is just evil!!!

    • Sick and Tired Says:

      To Louis-
      You are delusional….
      1) Most billionares in Texas have not worked for their money. They have money because their ancestors worked hard and managed to hold onto their land which is gas/oil rich. And I have learned from living here money doesn’t make you smart and unfortunately the billionaries run the state.

      2) Not a lot of taxes? What do you call 8.25% on everything you buy? That’s a lot of “ching” in my book. Cost of living here is HIGH and unfortunately, businesses don’t like to pay a living wage here. People I work with? I’ve never seen so many people that think just showing up for work entitles them a paycheck without having done any work for it.

      3) You’re right that Texans are not ignorant…….most are just plain slow, lazy and stupid.

      As soon as the economy gets better I’m getting out of here. As for succession? Go ahead, become part of Mexico. Most Texas residents today aren’t worth spit. You do your forefathers shame!!! They worked hard and most had integrity and Texans today are living off history. I can’t think of one modern Texan that has done anything to distinguish themselves in a positive way.

  11. cma Says:

    Just visit Austin.

    It is not like the rest of Tx is a oasis. I was born abroad and lived in Austin half of my life. I visited all over the world…Austin is an awesome city. A very liberal city .
    Awesome topography, lakes, hills… you cannot say you know Texas if you haven’t been in Austin and Don’t generalize.
    I hate red-necks and racist but don’t stick to stereotypes not all texas is the same.

    • cma-is-a-liar Says:

      BULL F-ING SHIT!!! cma you are lying to get people hurt very badly. austin is a bastian hellhole of fake plastic coporatism, and the klan. it is the most evil and despicable part of this entire filthy shit hellhole “tex-ass”, it just has a marketing department. and part of that marketing is what you are doing here on this site. you are lying to get people to go there to taste it and you know they will get very very hurt when they do. you are a diabolical m-f-er and i hope you get cancer and they never find a cure, you bastard from austin who gets pleasure from hurting others. mlm

  12. cma Says:

    Obama won in Austin! Our congressman LLoyd Doggett is one of the more liberal members in the US Congreess. …So again don’t generalize. Visit Austin and then talk.

    • KT Says:

      CMA – I live in Austin. I hate it here more than any other place I’ve lived in Texas over the last 10 years. The “blue dot in a red state” is full of self-centered assh*les, not a one originally from Texas. Most are from California and have only made this city even less tolerable with their entitlement issues and selfish behavior.

      No amount of democrats can make this place better.


    • TFK3RD Says:

      Austin is NOT all that. I was born and bred in Texas (unfortunately) and have lived in Austin pretty much my whole stupid life. There are no decent-paying jobs in Austin, the public transportation sucks, the summers are horrific, the people are self-serving and smug (and these are the people that are FROM HERE), and pretty much everyone wants to blame Californians for anything and everything that might be wrong with Austin. How about this? How about a recognition of the fact that Austin’s not that cool to begin with. It’s on its way to being just as sprawly and just as characterless as Houston or Dallas. But at least Houston and Dallas have real museums, culinary diversity to offer, and don’t need to go on and on about how “weird” or hip they are to feel noticed. Austin sucks more than the rest of Texas.

      • cma-is-a-liar Says:

        to tfk: amen. glad someone noticed and is decent enough to spill the truth.

        for the benefit of the world out there: austin isnt “weird”. its so-called “weirdness” is forced, phony, fake, plastic, and contrived at best. that so-called “weirdness” is from children who can live it up on mommy and daddy’s money … and they’re all republican as hell too. oh and dont kid yourself, half its population are m-f-ing klansmen. in other words, its a giant god-damned lie … dont let the marketing fool you …

  13. Evan Says:

    Here is a little more on the Texas Sucks Topic!

    1. The Nations Fattest People Live Here – Seriously they do, two of the largest people live in Houston.
    2. Lack of any sense in zoning.
    3. No consumer protection (it’s like the wild west of business, screw everyone)
    4. Lack of any culture, creativity and everything else that makes cities cool
    5. Boys aspire to own trucks and girls aspire to be gold-diggers or topless dancers.
    6. sexist, racist (on both sides) and very proud to remain ignorant.
    7. Very religious, yet has more sex shops & brothels then amsterdam.
    8. George Bush would be considered intelligent on a slide curve.
    9. People are very friendly but not genuinely friendly. Only on the surface!
    10. Texans like to talk and talk allot about themselves. (Think of every time you’ve sat on an airplane with an overly conversational neighbor. Bet you they’re from Texas)

    If you need more I can keep going on and on!

  14. D.V. Says:

    Your lost,and your breed. Dont come back.

  15. Flush Texas! Says:

    Hilarious shirts to show your geographical hatred!


  16. Sam c Says:

    I wasn’t born in Texas, ended up there as the biggest mistake of my life, and left as soon as I could.

  17. Jake Says:

    I just moved here two months ago because of my wife’s job transfer. This place sucks! We’re going to try to move to Colorado in a year. What a bad mistake.

  18. Bubba Says:

    Yall really hate texas so much you act like a bunch of little babies, oh its to hot, people arn’t social. Yall really compare Texas to New York? Ya right you can’t even say good morning or how are you doing in New York. I was born and raised in Texas and yall disgrace my home like know what it’ s like here. Yall all sound like anti- social freaks that just stare at people when they say hello; the residents in Texas are far more friendlier then any where else in the U.S. A few of you say you left as soon as possible probably cause you were vacationing there. But if you want to have a real good time come on down to San Antonio where its really happening.
    ooorah@ymail.com – My email, oh bet you thought us dumb Texans didn’ t have tech. on farm animals.

  19. Phivegs Says:

    Wow, where to start…I and my business partner{and 3 complete households} moved to a suburb of Austin last year due to the So. Calif economy.{people just didnt have the money to buy what we sold anymore, plus having to refi 3 houses to keep the biz afloat and then that crashed and burned to forclosure}..so off to Texas we went to set up shop,..the economy is better here but not enough to offset all the other shit….I live in what im told is the garden center of Tx…True that i see more Bentleys and Porches in this area than i ever did in Newport Beach..but the money{which has yet to trickle down to us} isnt enough to quell my loathing for this HOLE…this place cant put 2 days in a row of nice weather back to back..i took for granted opening up my doors and windows after sunset to cool off in SoCal in the summer….i havent had the AC off since APRIL!!!,fucking humidity is not to be believed…..it rains 12 months out the year…and it fucking snowed last march,hail the size of baseballs….and you cant get a decent burrito to save your life.Did i mention the weather SUCKS….I asked in the 2 major grocery stores here{HEB and RANDALLS} if they had imitation sour cream{IMO} they just looked at me like i had horns growing out of my head…had to order online soap cause they dont carry either brand i like…..Oh and the weather sucks btw…My fear every morning is i may never see an evening where i need a jacket or conversly where i have to have 5 layers of clothing on….Why dont i move back you ask………THE ECONOMY STUPID…..altho,standing on a corner holding a “will work for food” sign is looking better all the time….I now know why it costs more to live in Cali…….ITS WORTH IT!!!!

  20. Louis Says:

    As a Texan, I love it when non-Texans hate Texas. Absolutely makes my day! Let me tell you a secret about Texas and Texans: the number one reason we make most of the claims we make is because it gets under someone’s skin.

    Here’s some food for thought …

    Myth? Texas can fly it’s state flag the same height as the national flag. The reality is two-fold. First, there is no enforceable law that says ANY of the states cannot fly their state flag at the same level. With all your non-Texas genius, you haven’t figured that out yet? Second, there never will be such a law because in America, and especially in Texas, we recognize that FREE SPEECH allows us to wave our flag as high as we want! The reason Texans claim that no other state can is because that’s what people in every other state believe and since you’re too scared to embrace your freedom, then yeah, you aren’t allowed to raise the flag of New York as high as Ol’ Glory.

    Reading all your comments about how much you hate Texas, its impossible to notice how many of you complain about how flat Texas is … only to complain about the how rocky the hills and mountains are in the next sentence. Texans are ignorant? No real Texan would make such a stupid statement like, “I hate Texas because its flat and the mountains are rocky.” Genius. Pure genius there.

    Yup, there’s a big divide between there being a few billionaires in Texas and the “poor.” The thing about wealth in Texas is that there is no “old money” in Texas. Texans that are rich EARNED their wealth. As far as claiming there are swindlers in Texas, show me a place on earth that doesn’t have bad apples. That said, among the culture of Texas is a can-do attitude that heavily applies self-responsibility. G.W. Bush was a kiss-axx to liberals, as far as I’m concerned. But I will give this to my fellow Texan – he did not blame every damn problem that came along on Bill Clinton.

    Speaking of government, yep, there ain’t a whole lot of government in Texas. There’s not a lot of taxes, either. Unfortunately, the low cost of living in Texas does attract a lot of outsiders. As a result, it is becoming less and less common for families to take care of their elderly parents and grand-parents in their old age. But that was the way life was for a long, long time. That’s why care for the elderly is not heavily funded … because, at heart, we know we should be taking care of the people that took care of us. In any case, with a state legislature that meets only every two years, Texas consistently pays it’s bills. In Texas, we don’t like taking things we can’t pay for. We call that stealing. I don’t know what all of you call it. The sad reality is that that means if Jr. can’t go to college, then so be it. If he wants to go to Texas A&M then he’ll have to work to pay for it.

    In the mean time, Texans do something a hell of a lot of you seem unable to comprehend – they do the best with what they have; they give a lot of thought to whatever issue they face. They do not sit around and believe what some yellow-journalism fascist (not fashionist) tells them to believe. Critical Thinking is a way of life for Texans, not a punch line in an Ivy League university. You? You sit around and complain about how rocky are the mountains in a flat state.

    Texas is about efficiency. Yes, it is hot as hell most of the time and the humidity makes hell seem inviting. No one likes working in an environment like that, not even Texans. That’s why we don’t like to sit around yapping about the best way to do something. Get-er done … so we can get into the air condition ASAP! Non-Texans like to sit around and “discuss” on, and on, and on, and on, and on … so to get you to shut TF up we generally respond with some really huge line of BS for two reasons – First, like I said early: to get under your skin … the second reason is to show you that your long axx line of BS is not only just that, BS, but someone somewhere in this world has got a bigger line of BS than you do. “And as a Texan, with my no-challenge-is-too-big attitude, I just proved it to you!”

    And another thing. Let me tell you why Texas is so adamant that it can secede (not “succeed” – though Texas does succeed despite the Union). Any group of people, any “nation,” has the right of self-determination. That right was exercised by the founders of the United States of America. Especially as a once independent nation, Texas keeps that right in reserve. Furthermore, Texas did not want to join the Union. However, we were going to be a part of Mexico if we did not – because that’s what our so-called brothers and sisters up north demanded. No military help unless you join the union. Like I said, we Texans have a long history of doing the best we can with what we have … and what we had at that moment was a choice of Mexico or America. As a result, to everyone that, since then, has complained about the way we do things in Texas we say this: you’re the ones that wanted us in the Union, not us. We’ll gladly leave – and we have the right to do so.

    We don’t because, love you or hate you, YOU are our countrymen, YOU are our brothers and sisters … and we’d gladly die fighting for your right to hate us, any time, any place. We won’t even complain that for every dollar in taxes we send to Washington, D.C. we only get 94 cents back. Even though that means we suffer … in education, in health care, in pollution. We only demand one thing in return: if we have to make such sacrifices for our country, leave us the hell alone as we do it. Got it? Good. Remember it.

    Ya’ll have a nice day, now. Ya’ll hear?

    Yeee-haaaaaww m.f.!

    • Tim Says:

      Let’s just say that the ignorance of you dumb asses does not cease to amaze me. Everything you said to play up how great this redneck backwater state is bullish*it. Period. The people hear are nothing but uneducated, back stabbing hypocrites who embrace medeocracy and filth. I have never seen a more Podunk, white trash sh*t hole. To make things worse, you people are proud of it! Your police are racist pricks who do nothing but profile, get fat, and set up speed traps for peolpe driving to work. Texans are a joke! Period. They have no work ethics and constantly lie about things they have done. This state is full of people who are proud tof being stupid. I have delt with children with down syndrome who have more brains. Seriously, I a one legged ray with no nuts can be a Texan. Texans are NOT worldly nor are they open minded. They cannot comprehend anything beyond an oversized truck, a fifth wheel, and cow tipping. The women here are disgusting sweat hogs. It’s not hard to see why the Texas men like to have sex with their cattle!

    • Darell Shaw and Phil Harmon Says:

      Fuck you! Fuck Jack Keeys! Fuck Vick Caruso! Fuck British Petroleum! Fuck the Texas police forces! Fuck this entire shit hole state! Fuck Maxim Crane! Fuck Ray Anthony Cranes. Fuck Dave Beck! Fuck that fat piece of shit Darell Shaw! Fuck Phil Harmon! Fuck Ron Thrailkill and his brother! Fuck Lewis Crane! Fuck Walter Erickson! Fuck Randy Fisher and his girlfriend, Mike Rodgers! Fuck that kiss-ass Donald ” Smoke” Smolek. Fuck Bob Dieleman and Dick Dielman! Fuck Amanda Nicole Sanchez and her entire family who lives in Texas! Fuck Heather Lynn White and her family! Fuck Kamesha McCoy and her friends and family! Fuck Danielle! Fuck Emily Patterson! Fuck Bruce and Scott at Maxim Crane. Fuck Shawn Kinsey a worthless B.A. Fuck Jim Rodgers that crack head. Fuck Sterling Crane. Fuck Republicans! Louie Lupias. Fuck Grant Jay! Fuck Jeff Bragg! Fuck Vick Caruso AGAIN! Fuck you rednecks. Fuck Melissa Thomas! Fuck Island Smiles! Fuck Josh Towbin. Fuck Dawn Christy Reiter and her family! Fuck Mark Nelison! Fuck Kyle Lewis! Fuck Jessica Trei! Fuck Shayne Anothony Ward and his cunt of a mom! Fuck LVMPD! Fuck George W. Bush. Fuck Roger Dieleman. Fuck Bill Parrot! Fuck Shelly. Fuck Ms. Van ness. Fuck Shayne Ward, AGAIN! All the people listed here can eat a dick and I hop you all die along with the state of Texas! If there is someone I forgot, please do not feel left out; FUCK ALL OF YOU AND TEXAS TOO! FUCK YOU!

    • Hugh Rection Says:

      Dear dumb texans,

      First and foremost, most texans that I have met seem to be sociopaths(this means that you don’t have a conscience). Two, most of the Fortune 500 companies that you texans are so proud of were not founded in texas, they were not founded by texans and they are not run by texans. Three, you suck at football. One of the worst things about living in this godforsaken state is putting up with the sad-sack version of college football that you play here. Roll Tide!!!

    • Jennifer Says:

      Louis, your first paragraph proves what a small and petty person you are. ” Let me tell you a secret about Texas and Texans: the number one reason we make most of the claims we make is because it gets under someone’s skin.” . Is that your favorite way to pass the time? To get under someone’s skin.

      • Louis Says:

        Beats sitting around crying about how miserable my life is.

        But, hey, whatever floats your boat.

        I do want to show you something, though. The following is yet another reason why we Texans do not like people that do not like us …

        “i moved here to fucking Texas from Los Angeles and the way i see Texas full of bunch of dumb ass idiots to many mexicans they dont even speak english … unfriendly people racist people”

        And we “know” Texans are racist because … ?

        I am curious about something, though. Maybe you can help me figure this out, Jennifer – being that you’re “smart” because you hate Texas, and all.

        So, if laughing off people that insult you in every imaginable way they can qualifies as “petty,” what adjective would best describe someone that goes to a blog that serves no other purpose but to proclaim hatred and mockery?

        Have a nice day!

      • Jennifer Says:

        I found this blog in an effort to connect with others whom have to live in a place that is so odd and foreign that it may as well be a different country. Moving here was not a mistake, it was an obligation military families have had to shoulder many times. I suppose you sought out this blog to yet again irritate people. I have read all of the posts and let me tell you a secret. All other complaints aside, it is true you all are the most rude and hateful culture of people that I have ever met. Your hatred of everything non-texas is so vast, no amount of anti-texas blogging could balance the scales. Go find a pro-Texas blog and cheer with your comrades. I promise that I will not follow you there. P.S. any further replies by you to me will be deleted before they are read so have a nice life.

  21. Louis Says:

    BTW … ya’ll are welcome to take Dallas if you want. Hell, take the Cowboys with you. Most Texans I know consider Dallas a “yankee state” anyway.

    Although, it seems like all the yankees in Dallas have been migrating to Austin in recent years … hmmm …. something to ponder there.

  22. mwill140 Says:

    I moved to disgusting texas for my girlfriend. Easily the ugliest, nastiest place I’ve ever seen, but what makes it really awful is the people. They equate trashiness with manliness and cholesterol level is a fucking competition. What I really don’t understand is the unexplainable gung-ho pride people have in being from somewhere so miserable and insignificant. It’s because most of them have never been anywhere else, which is sad, because everywhere else in the country is much nicer place to live.

    PS, nobody goes to texas on vacation. There is nothing to see.

  23. Paco Says:

    It’s so funny to hear poeple talk about how proud they are to be Texan, and most of them have never even been out of this god-forsaken state. Giant gas guzzling trucks, triple digit temperatures, gun toting rednecks, scorpions, snakes, poisonous centipedes, everyone speaks Spanish… what’s not to like?

    Texas, I have a new state slogan for you. Instead of “Don’t Mess With Texas”, how about “Texas” The Other Mexico”.

    • TFK3RD Says:

      Umm, actually, Mexico is much more beautiful. Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Guerrero are beautiful states. People make the mistake of confusing border towns with all that Mexico has to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      And you are correct. Far too many Texans who go on and on and on about Texas have not ever traveled outside of the state’s borders. It’s a sad fact. I once read somewhere that Texans have one of the lowest numbers of citizens with passports. Surprising? No, not if you know Texas.

      This place sucks.

  24. JDUB Says:

    So, I just accepted a job in Wisconsin. That’s right WISCONSIN! I would rather move to Wisconsin in the coldest part of the year than stay in Texas during the nicest part of the year. Now before all you Texan supporters start in on me, let me tell you something. I spent a good chunk of time in the Marine Corps. Along with that I had to spend some time in some pretty shitty third world countries, but I have never been to a place as bass ackward as Texas. What the hell is there to be proud of here? Seriously, secede from the union so we can scratch this shit hole off the map.

  25. gina Says:

    I think the reason why Texas is allowed to carry guns legally; is so they can shoot themselves when they get to miserable living in this state. kinda like the movie “28 Days later.” Only with big hair ,and with out the infection going around. (lmao)

  26. skwyz Says:

    I HATE Texas!!!! I lived in Austin for 5 years in the ’80s and hated it. Ended up moving back here in 2005 for a job and I still hate it!!! It’s too damned hot and dry. No decent lakes and not enough greenery. And the people are very prejudiced & everywhere I go I’m surounded by far-right Christian conservative Republicans :(. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t even voice my political opinion at work because I would probably be fired. I’m trying desperately to find another job in a cooler, blue state and when I do I hope to never have to come back. Can’t wait to get out of this armpit of a state and back to where people are normal!!!

  27. Amy Says:

    I regret moving to Texas. I plan to leave as soon as I’m able. Pretty much all the reasons I dislike it here have been posted previously.

    I saw a T-shirt that said “Don’t mess with Texas because it’s not nice to pick on retards”. Love it.

  28. Louis Says:

    Got a great laugh today. Whomever is the genius that put this site together, I got a dozen emails just today from this site. Two were in response to my original post. My original post was back in early October last year. I think that is hilarious: you’re so brilliant you can’t even put together a web site that works worth a flip! Ha ha!

    And to the two that did respond to me … now, now. Calm down little boys and girls. Everything is okay. Everyone has to admit they love Texas, so it’s no big deal if you do, too.

    Seriously. Both comments raged about how stupid Texans were … yet, for being non-Texans, you both sure gave a great display of LACKING in the grammar department. I had to get someone from New York to translate one of the responses. As for 8.25% sales tax everywhere you go in Texas, you need to actually visit Texas before you make such an uneducated response. State sales tax is 6.25% state-wide. Cities and towns can have up to 2% in addition to that. Unlike California and other places, you can by a one ton “dually” crew cab, 4×4 Powerstroke or Cummins diesel truck – or even a Toyota Prius rice-burner – and still pay only 6.25% sales tax regardless of where in Texas you buy it. There is no income tax in Texas. Out here in California, the sales tax you pay on a car can be anywhere from 6% to 12%, depending on which town within 5 miles you decide to do your shopping. Sales tax STARTS at 8.25% and municipalities (cities and towns for those of you that don’t have a Texas-sized vocabulary) and go up from there to the 10.5% area. After you get paying all those sales taxes, though, you then also have to pay a state income tax.

    The Texas state government never runs a deficit with the taxes it collects … California never breaks even. Go figure.

    BTW … love how many of you posted that you only live in Texas because of your job. That’s great. Um, help this stupid Texan understand why no one was smart enough to create a job for you where you came from? Or maybe everyone else was smart where you came from … and realized how stupid you were. So that goes to prove that Texas is not prejudiced: Texans are sympathetic to people too stupid to be hired anywhere else.

    Ya’ll be good now, ya’ll hear?

    • Tex-ASS Says:

      HAHAHAHA ‘Texas-sized vocabulary’ coming from the person who just said “y’all” million times. Dear God Texans amuse me….

  29. Jaboe Says:

    gawdammit what a great site!!!!! don’t know where to start but i just have to contribute. everything said here already is absolutely TRUE: the place sucks so bad. bugs. humidity. heat. ugly flat land “far as the eye can see”. can’t take enough showers to ever feel clean. stupid music. “the friendly state”? – more mass murderers from here than any other place. cities that try to present themselves as bigtime (like new york, HA), beautiful (like san fran?, in your dreams), arty, “interesting”, etc etc but in the end are just pretentious wannabe completely forgettable places. fatty stupid food, that only fatty stupid people would eat. stale local beer that really smells beery. big cowboy hats, cowboy boots, cowboy belts, cowboy shirts, cowboy jeans, cowboy guns, cowboy horses, cowboy football players, cowboy cowboy cowboy COWBOY – gimme a fuckin break from all this cowboy shit willya? and how people there talk – please get to the point and do it asap, without all that howdy ma’am how y’all doin well ah’ll be danged and on and on and on and on just more and more shuck and jive country drawl. and nobody seems to know how to pronounce pure vowels when they talk. so what you get are lots of odd sounds so letters llike a e i o u turn out to be uhaeeee buheee aaaaiihhhhh, uuhooaa, eeeyuuuuu. yikes this drives me crazy just thinking about it. move there at your own peril, or maybe you belong there after all. you’ll know immediately. trust it.

  30. Robbie Says:

    I don’t hate Texas as a whole. It’s the conservatism that is the problem. Lots of ignorance and hate there. I don’t care for Republicans,KKK,Neo Nazis,Minutemen,Oil Corporations,etc. There are some good Texans. Most don’t live there any more. Houston was a great place to live when Kathy Whitmire was Mayor! She was very progressive and did everything to change the city. So what now if Houston has a Lesbian Mayor. No different than a Heterosexual Mayor. San Antonio is Nice to visit but the heat is awful in the Summer! Austin is just Austin. I can only think of the 1966 Texas Tower Shootings when I think of it. I think of the days when the Comanches,Houma,Caddoan peoples were there. It was peaceful before any European set foot on it. The landscape was rough but beautiful. Mexico was not even settled by Europeans then. So you had Aztecs and Olmecs,Toltecs in large numbers.

    As for the hatred of Mexicans, I don’t understand that. I love Mexican culture and people. They have suffered enough. To hate them because yes many are illegal and many are into drugs doesn’t make them all the same! At least Mexicans have a language and culture! Most White Texans who are conservative and despise them forget that Mexico abolished slavery long before the USA did! Mexico truly owned a lot of Texas and Texans don’t like that in particular. So truly the Alamo should be given back to the Mexicans!

    As a gay male, the mistreatment of gays,lesbians,transgendered and bisexual people is another reason why I won’t live there. So much hatred, even in Austin,San Antonio and Houston. Dallas is more conservative and intolerant and it definitely is a reason why JFK was assassinated. The climate of Dallas has always tended to lean right.

  31. Tim. Says:

    This is aGREAT Site. And this is a a bullshit state. 20 straight days of 100-degree plus weather.(Talk about global warming). The women here are all bitchy, ruded, and look sweaty, cramped, and wragged. All of this beautiful countryside being torn p and detroyed by lying trashy Republicans, and these huge gas guzzling Semi trucks and cranes.

    Did I mention the HORRIBLE INFRATRUCTURE? The fake people, and the ridiculous prices on FOOD, and we’re running out of water but people still irragate their disguting lawns aft OCCASIONAL thunderstorms!

    The Educational Insitutions SUCK! I HATE TEXAS! I’ve NEVER EVEN BEEN OUTSIDE BEFORE!

  32. billy Says:

    This place is a waste land no matter where you look. All the municipalities hire about 5 times more cops than they need just to rake in cash from traffic violations. That’s how the cities survive. The State’s last governor almost drove this entire country to finacial ruin. So please don’t ever let another “texas Proud lunatic” run for President. As Barb Bush said about Sara Palin staying in Alaska…….. Mr. governor of Texas, I think his name is Perry… “Texas is a wonderful state, beautiful, we all love it and PLEASE stay there” The REAL part of the country needs you to do so. Thank you

  33. peterock72 Says:

    i moved here to fucking Texas from Los Angeles and the way i see Texas full of bunch of dumb ass idiots
    to many mexicans they dont even speak english
    apartments full of bugs and roaches
    unfriendly people
    racist people
    to hot , to humid
    there is nowhere you could go to have fun
    all you can do is turn the ac on and stay with your ass at home i will celebrate the day i leave this stupid state
    and when i arrive the border of texas i will take shit as my present to the state of texas

  34. jen Says:

    All you men in Texas are fake ass men with a small penis. You need guns and big trucks to pretend you have something big.

  35. jen Says:

    Jaboe you are so right on with you post!

  36. hating texss Says:

    Chowder! oh, I guess I mean “howdy.” whatever. Actually, Texas is FULL of graduates. They all graduate from A&M and then stay there forever propagating within themselves, and forcing it on the local community, the “Aggie” tradition. 4-H? hicks, huckleberries, hayseeds, and hillbillies (the texas kind)
    y’all my ass!
    I hate hate hate Texas!
    The three R’s in Texas: no, it’s not “readin’ riting’, and rithmatic” it’s rattlesnakes, roaches and racists. not necessarily in that order.
    Moved here for a job after San Francisco, L.A., Chicago and other engaging points of interest around the world.
    Get me out of here!
    How do Texans say “fuck you?” “Hey, honey, how ya doin’?”
    A co-worker actually said to me, “you’re hair looks so nice today, it was such a mess yesterday”

    People I meet on the street in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and yes, L.A. ALL say hello to me, and actually mean it! I am soooo tired of going to staff meetings and hearing about Uncle Billy Bob Jason Boo’s sister’s husband’s grandmother’s infirmity. I don’t care! That’s far too much information to be sharing! Have some social integrity! Have some respect for yourself and keep your private business private!

    And, Wisconsin! Thanks, I lived in cultural bereft Wisconsin, it’s a mecca compared to Texas!

    Did I say, “Get me out of here!” yet?

    And I love the earlier post “no one was smart enough to create a job for you where you came from?” The only reason we have to leave other states in order to get a job in Texas is because no one wants to be here so the other jobs elsewhere are all taken!

    Fuck the Bubba network! Fuck Future Farmers of America! Fuck Cowboy hats, buckle, boots, duelies (however that is spelled) Fuck Fuck Fuck Texas!

    And if another ignorant Texan calls me a yankee I going to scream, “Cracker!”

    Doing the best they can with what they have? Looks like there aren’t a whole lot of resources available.

    And mountains? spare me! A Texans idea of a mountain is a trip to Trader Joe’s. Oh, wait! Trader Joe’s is not allowed to set up shop in Texas! “Hey, y’all, I heerd they’re’s a reesonably priceyed establiiiishmint where y’alll can purchase foods other than corn-dogs and beef brisket. Let’s baern it down!”

    “Pinot Noir? What’s thayt? Some sort of Seckshual disorder?”

    Fuck Texas. Fuck Bubba and the horse he’s hauling around in a trailer.

  37. josh Says:

    texas sucks because of its’ AWFUL stance on the environment.

    I for one, am GLAD it is suffering under the worst drought in history and I hope it really hurts the people of texas

  38. Belinda Says:

    A Texas company recently acquired my company in San Francisco. They took away our domestic and same gender partner benefits. So now, some of us can not have our same gender partners (in my case, my legally married husband), on our benefits plan. They have an openly discriminatory policy they are shoving down our throats. They suck. Texas sucks. Period.

  39. DiaperDodgerTedNugent Says:

    THNAK YOU FOR CREATING THIS SITE! As a native born and raised Texan, I am glad someone finally had the BALLS to do this. I lived here for 27 years and hated my hometown of El Paso but I never realized that what I really hated was GOD DAMN Texas until I moved to the pretentious, intellectually lazy, superficial SHITHOLE that is AUSTIN. I have been here for over 3 years and didn’t realize the mistake I made moving back to Texas for 2 weeks when I remembered everything I hate about it. The idiots who are proud to be STUPID, the racists, the heritage hating Mexican border Princeses who grow up hating men of their own race only to go off and marry Kyle or Todd from Dallas. The vapid, christain Jessica Simpson clones who like god, church and the bible but can never understand why no one wants to ask them out on a date. The Dallas Suburban Yo-Boy douchebags who think they are 50-cent or Little Wayne but are only the latest Vanilla Ice. The San Antonio Land Whales who flock in pods of rascal scouters to malls for AC and deep fried fatty food. The cadillac driving Armani wearing evangelical preachers who pray on the poor, desperate, and stupid for what little money they have.
    I am stuck here in this shithole for now because of work but first chance I get I am gone! Fuck this state! It will never get better and the world would be a better place if Texas slid into the Gulf of Mexico and sank to the bottom!

  40. Gone & Gone Says:

    I have live in Tx., since 2006. Nothing improves just stagnates! You all said in a nut shell! TEXAS SUCKS!

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  43. Kp Says:

    I moved to the Dallas area this past June due to my husband’s job and can’t wait to get the hell out here! I’ve lived in several states in different areas pf the country and this is the ugliest place I’ve ever been! Not to mention the 50+days of triple digits we had this summer, the weather sucks! Drivers here suck, where is the friggin’ fire man? I heard there were friendly people in Texas, where the hell are they?

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  45. MrsC Says:

    I’m a grown adult in my 50’s, and I’ve lived in several areas of the country and I have to say, I cannot wait to get out of this hellhole that is Austin. My God. You sit outside among the dirt and cigarette butts at Central Market to listen to some dumbass band and it’s filthy! People who are not from here hang together and make fun of the biggoted, egotistical Texas idjits and their huge inflated egos
    And the FEET!!!!! There must be a law that says everyone has to own one pair of nasty flip-flops. I have never seen so many nasty feet in one place! Half the restaurants in Austin smell like they are perched atop a septic tank! Yet, the Texans feed their faces. They are loud and proud of their big ass egos and you won’t find a more arrogant bunch of people. They are all “howdy” to your face but knife you in the back like anyone else. The most judgmental ones are in the churches. There is a huge “holier-than-thou” superior attitude in this state. It’s disgusting. Oh and if you live in Austin, you better like the color burnt orange because UT football and the retards that celebrate it take over several months out of the year. The judges are corrupt, the cops are corrupt and the businesses will rip you off in a heartbeat. People are smelly and hairy and if there is one world-class restaurant in Austin it’s hidden. There are panhandlers almost everywhere and so many homeless that are so visible, they have names and are profiled on the news. They can’t predict the weather to save their life and oh wait,…

    The drivers are just beyond the pale! I have driven cars in more the 20 states in this country and I have never seen a more dangerous group of drivers. Seriously. It’s like they forgot they aren’t on their horse anymore! Backing up in the middle of a busy intersection, siting still in a lane waiting to merge because mixing with the flow of traffic is just too advanced a maneuver for them,,,right turn signal on while they make a left turn and it goes on. The engineers who built the roads in this area should be shot. The streets don’t make sense and get this,,if there is an auto accident,,Travis county doesn’t even show up if they are too busy…and they have no idea how to control traffic. If you hear of a traffic jam, it’s usually some dumb minor thing going on but the civil service guys don’t have a clue and don’t care about relieving bottlenecks.

    Move anywhere else if you have the chance! Live in a box if you have to!

    Anywhere is better than this god-forsaken toilet!
    I’ve lived in the Chicago area, Missouri, Orange County, California where I had my two oldest children, and Oregon. I have been in Texas over 11 years and I hate it more every year I am here. I am just waiting for my youngest to graduate high school. I would only move back to Texas at gunpoint…I cannot wait to leave this wretched place. Backwoods, backwards group of arrogant people who think they can do no wrong. If you have any sense of class or culture, you will absolutely starve here. Any normal English-speaking person would see the word “Pedernales” and pronounce it “Perdenales” That’s not how it’s pronounced in Austin. In Austin, it’s pronounced “PURD i nallis” Manchaca is pronounced “Manchak”,,and Burnet is pronounced “burn it”…..these people are so effing stupid it’s unbelievable. Bring your cowboy boots and big belt buckles and most superior swagger! Oh and you better get used to hearing the names “Bubba” and “Junior.” Yes, as names,,not just nicknames.

    Run away as fast as you can while you are able!

  46. Marie Via Brennan Says:

    I hate Texas in many many ways. There is no beautiful l scenry here in Texas. It is all dry and ugly.

    I moved here in 2005 to be with my only son and grandson. They don’t have time to spend with me and I spend all my time alone. I have become very ill since moving to Texas due to all the allergies, mold, pollens and much more. I am in alot of pain and don’t have the money to get help. Also while at my son’s house, I fell and fractured my neck in 3 placess over 2 1/2 years ago. I am still in alot of pain and cannot afford medication. My son is of no help and simply doesn’t care. I drive aa unsafe car and cannot afford another one or have this one repaired.

    The people here in Texas are VERY VERY Cold and NOT FRIENDLY> I have alot of people that I stay in touch with in Califrnia and they all told me that I was foolish to move to Texasd. I had a great life in California and was in excellant health.I cannot ask my friends in California to help me because they warned me about Texas and the life here.

    I have lived in my presnt appartment since Oct. 2005 and my son has been here 4 times spending less than 5 minutes each time. He lives in Liberty Hill which is really horrible town with nothing in it. I’ve been there several times and hated each visit.

    I am ready to die and wish I could find a way to do it. I have thought of getting into my car and driving into a wall or off the bridge. I have thought og going on a real drunk to end it all. I don’t have the money to teturn to California. I also have alot of bills from several auto repairs, moving, medical bills and credit card charges to help me live and eat. I hate Texas and want to die. Please help me find a way to end my life here in Texas. I told my son that when I die, I want my ashes to go California and I know he will not do this.

    I am looking at a bottle of pills and thinking that maybe that is the way to go. Dear God, please let me go. I lost my sister in California to Cance and my husband to cancer. God, please let me be with them. I have nothing here.

    I wish that I had never come here. Why my son came to this horrible state, I will never know. Everythiung is bad here. The restaurants are horrible. They don’t know how to cook here. The people are backwards ans unfriendly.

    GOD,please please please take my life. Let me die….

    Marie Via from Georgetown, TX

  47. Marie Via Brennan Says:

    I hate Texas for many many reasons. The olace has no beauty or interesting places. The restaursnts are really bad and

  48. Texas Says:


    […]I HATE TEXAS! « I HATE Texas![…]…

  49. Marie Via Brennan Says:

    Hate Hate Hate Texas. It really sucks…The people are AWFUL. It is NOT cheap to live here. The weather is horrible. I have allergy problemsn here and NEVER had them in California….The food and restaurants are really bad. They must use prision cooks and chefs here. No beautiful scenery. Let the Mexicans have Texas back. They can have it. Also they should Obama in the middle of this awful state. I came here because of my son and that is the biggest mistake in my life. I am suffering for it now. I am ill and in alot of pain with much suffering.The state should have the name changed from Texas to Hell. I feel and many many many other people I have met feel that this place (Texas) is REALLY HELL. Yes, this place is HELL.

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  51. Maurita Says:

    I hate this place. It sucks all around. I can not wait to move back to Atlanta where there is never a dull moment or a lack of something interesting or entertaining to do. I realized I had really been duped when I finally moved here in July. Getting the hell out of here as soon as I can.

  52. Easy Says:

    i thought i was alone in the lonestar, what a wasteland!

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  59. Don Says:

    I made a horrific mistake leaving my beautiful Seattle to move to a miserable toilet known as Amarillo. I am about to reverse that miserable mistake. Amarillo and the entire State of Texas must have been created on a day God was in a very bad mood. The whole place is full of big, fat, slovenly pigs driving around in their oversized trucks and SUV’s, lining up at the drive through windows to gt their junk food and then go to their oversized recliners to devour it like thde animals they are. Don’t even talk about walking more than a few feet from your vehicle to a building, those fat slobs get the vapors and pass out at the thought!

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  62. Ray Jones Says:

    Texas is a miserable toilet that has been over-used for decades and never flushed. Get the picture? This place is disgusting, filthy, full of obese, slovenly pigs that waddle through the Wal-Marts (of which there are way to many). The political thinking (or lack thereof) is scary. I think Hitler himself would do rather well here, with this bunch of brain-dead fools. I think that idiot Mr. Perry is right, Texas should secede from the Union. This country would be better off without that miserable, filthy piece of sewage with the overblown ego. Texas is filled with low-life white-trash, filthy politicians and disgusting people. On top of that it is an ugly, desolate, barren piece of real estate that no one in their right mind would ever want to touch. Texas is a worthless piece of filthy, stinking, maggot infested garbage. If they want to leave the Union, I say, go for it and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Good riddance filthy, rotten Texas!

  63. thebeas Says:

    Texas does suck immensely. shitty roads, overpopulated, everything is dirty (I have never before in my life saw more people just throw shit out of their car windows like they do in this place), no one can drive, no one is courteous…mexican gangs and graffiti on everything including the schools, nothing to see unless you’re dying to visit the Alamo (your entertainment choices are gamble, poker, broke down strip club, gamble, or broke down strip club). fuck this place. it must be the lone star state because not even other stars want to have anything to do with it. i was forced to stay here a month and I CANNOT WAIT until i get back home. to the real south.

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    […]I HATE TEXAS! « I HATE Texas![…]…

  65. TXtwisters Says:

    I moved here 6 years ago. This has been the MOST MISERABLE six years of my life!! I wish I had never, never come here. It is HOT!! Miserable stinking hellhole with NO REDEEMING Qualities what so ever. I look forward to the day when I can leave this dump and move back to the West Coast!!!

  66. Austin Says:

    I just learned that Houston Community College doesn’t offer “same sex” domestic partner benefits…….What year is this???

    Houston Community College? This is one of the largest community college systems in the country!!!

    This is just another example of the discrimination in Texas! Our federal government offers “same sex” domestic partner benefits but a HCC doesn’t?

    Shame on HCC!!!

  67. Houston Says:

    HCC? Well look at their track record! They’re hardly a trend setting school. They are head up by that idiot chancellor.

    HCC is a fine example of why Texas is one huge joke!

    However in speaking seriously about domestic partner benefits.

    GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Everyone in a relationship (doesn’t matter of the sexes) deserves the same respect!

    TEXAS? Are you proud of being one of the only states who stands in the way of “same sex” benefits?

    Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame

  68. k Says:

    I hate this bullshit state as well. Ever since I moved to this giant garbage can my life has been miserable. People here are rude, ill- mannered backwoods trash. I remember my first day in Texas in middle school, everyone in AZ told me Texans were very friendly. That was a lie. My first day these ignorant children picked on me because I wasn’t like them….
    I’ve lived here now for 10+ years. I only wish to escape from this hillbilly hell.
    And i love the capitols slogan (pure sarcasm)….”keep austin weird”. Austin is not weird, its a bunch of hipster fucks following everyone else’s lame trends. And trends are so behind here, people think old news and trends are new and they discovered them. Bunch of rude, ignorant people is what makes Texas a giant heaping pile of fecal matter.
    There are do many other things I could rant about that encompass Texas, but I’m sure you get my point. No need to ramble on.

  69. Jennifer Says:

    So nice to know I am not alone in my hatred of Texas. We are a military family so we have no choice in being here. At least for a year or two . Pray for us. Seriously.

  70. jaboe Says:

    TEXAS!!!!!!!! :Yeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! gawwwdammmn i can’t do this site justice, don’t have the words for it, not erudite enough. but if you’re in that bumfuck egypt of a state my advice is cut your losses now and run. RUN it’s still alive outside, out here anywhere else. even in oklaho… well, maybe not just ANYWHERE, so be careful where you get off the train – maybe go through a few states first. i have to go back there every three months on family matters and man do i look for that airplane home after a week. get drunk before i get there and on the plane out. in the middle it’s hard to find a “wet” neighborhood. but why are people moving there? jobs? hell there are jobs, just go to north dakota. do you SEE a site called I HATE NORTH DAKOTA? n..o spells uh, wait a minute there is a site called “fuck north dakota” though not nearly as well documented as this one. but can you feel the air in north dakota, that creepy wet feeling you have all day and night during the summer, part of the spring and even into october? do they deep fry everything they eat there? do they walk around with their guns on at the grocery store cause you never know when they may need somebody to shoot up the place? do they have armadillos there? in fact the armadillo should be the state animal, instead of whatever the hell it is now…let’s see, according to goog it’s…hell, you won’t believe this. as of 1995 the state animal of texas is in fact the “hoover hog”. if it fits, eat it.

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